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STAPA CENTER [Social Transformation and Public Awarenss Center], is a NGO (non government organization), not for profit, independent, that aims to strengthen, and to defense of civil society.

STAPA-CENTER solidarity-based citizens-local based organisation founded in 10 November 1999, it is a not for profit, non partisan, non sectarian and independent NGO.

STAPA is committed to building civil society in grass root level. STAPA-CENTER is legal and registered organistion, the notaries document was legalized on 67/19/Nop/2007 and officially listed as state court of justice of Pasuruan No. 20/11/2007.

In places on the interest of the people, in belief that marginalised rural and urban communities are the main subject and stakeholders with access and control over the STAPA activities.

STAPA-CENTER lives by the following values; equality, justice, tolerance, peace, honesty and transparency, solidarity with poor and, marginalized, humanity, non-violence.

STAPA-CENTER founded in November 10, 1999 it’s member consist of various culture such are student activist, women’s activist, religious leader, lawyer, and civilian that has a vision for a creation of community obsession for a strong ness of civil society which is free from the oppress, exploitation, and state hegemonic.

The obsession is actualized by building a vision and mission for democratic society and justice, which accommodate the voice and managed based on the values of human rights, social justice, gender equality, non-violence, accountability, transparent, and environment preservation, and culture.


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Stapa Center (Social Transformation and Public Awareness Center) is an independent and not-profit organization founded on 10 November 1999 in  Bangil Pasuruan East Java. Stapa Center was established  to respond social injustice, repressive politics, discrimination, and civil liberties problems at large. The increase of poverty, low quality of public services, corruptions, collutions, and nepotism have neglected the fulfillment of economics right, social and civic culture. The big exploitation on natural resources, that these are governed centralized, caused social gap between majority of citizen in the level of grassroots and elites in the level of central government, of provinces and of regions. Culture of violence and its repressive way for solving by state apparatus, has neglected people’s participation and rights. These are deteriorated by discrimination and violation against woman.

In this context, Stapa Center puts community base organizations as main stakeholders that take an effort to actualize its aims to be sensitive about societal problems, e.g. the powerless of people.


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Executive Director

Zainul Faizin

Program Manager

SM. Wahidah

Financial Manager

A. Rahmatulloh

Office Manager

Muhammad Ubaidillah


Amalia Bashiroh

Administration Manager


Advocacy Division

Sri Astutik


Community Organizer Division


Zainal Akhwan

Media Division

Muhammad Subhan

Jauharul Lutfi


Oni E. Windasari

Ica Firnia

A. Rozaq

Dewa Sugiono


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Our Vision

Promoting social justice and prosperity in Indonesia.


Our Mission

To work with grassroot society to create democratic society by :

  1. Promoting idea, thought, experiment, and pioneering effort to discover alternative models of education and society empowerment.
  2. Conducting participative works with local society to create justice and equality.
  3. Creating strong civil society organization that aware of democracy and human rights by providing space of rational-inclusive religious.
  4. Increasing energy of critical reflexive and for political/social constructions in relationship context among state, private sector and people.
  5. Fostering and developing facility and psychological society environment that can stimulus and move creativity of society to carry on improving better environment and quality of human life.

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Community Studies

An organization can sharpen a problem and increase efficiency through good social transformation program based on database resulted from a valid and matured study and research. Stapa Center conducts a study regularly and precisely meets society needs and involves them in the process. This way is based on information and data taken as basic critical analysis of Stapa Center in valuing a problem. This action is an effort to alter patterned mindset and work of a community to achieve the improvement of their works

Community-based Organizing

Community-based organizing conducted by Stapa Center is an effort to create society empowerment to find problem solving for their rights. This concept copes with enhancing better quality life of society that is measured not only by the increase of economy but also the participatory right in decision-making at all level of power acting. Organizing like this requires the understanding about pattern of class relationship, gender usher the individual, and with the group, and pattern of relationship of human being with the other component in its environment.

Citizen Advocacy

Citizen Advocacy is a strategy where the victims of policy acre play the actors of advocacy. The Process is efforts, which put and combine the progressive elements in civil society, by means of strategic alliance formulation for public policy transformations. Stap Center that advocacy is a systematic and organized effort for influence and mainstreams the existing of alterations of an incremental public policy.

Civil Society Organization Strengthening

This program is important to be conducted to see that in general the community unable to face the existing power networks if they do not own an organizational history of society of bases or effective social movement. Stapa Center believe that more and more establishment of organizations in bases, hence will also policy processes to entangle the citizen participation, because citizen participation is hit the power and its use by various social perpetrator in space created for the interaction between citizen and power handle.

Participatory Action

The critical education process of social citizen is a method that applies the combination between social citizen participation and community organizer.
The purpose of participatory actions is to find the local knowledge and significant role of community organizer; transfer knowledge and policy which developing the critical and collective awareness of local society. A participatory action is a process of critical education citizen using solidarity between role of community organization and community organizer.