Stapa Center (Social Transformation and Public Awareness Center) is an independent and not-profit organization founded on 10 November 1999 in  Bangil Pasuruan East Java. Stapa Center was established  to respond social injustice, repressive politics, discrimination, and civil liberties problems at large. The increase of poverty, low quality of public services, corruptions, collutions, and nepotism have neglected the fulfillment of economics right, social and civic culture. The big exploitation on natural resources, that these are governed centralized, caused social gap between majority of citizen in the level of grassroots and elites in the level of central government, of provinces and of regions. Culture of violence and its repressive way for solving by state apparatus, has neglected people’s participation and rights. These are deteriorated by discrimination and violation against woman.

In this context, Stapa Center puts community base organizations as main stakeholders that take an effort to actualize its aims to be sensitive about societal problems, e.g. the powerless of people.